All data published on are automatically available through numerous Open Web Services and APIs, enabling anyone to build value-added services and applications. Remember you can always download the data yourselves and use them however you see fit. However, why not use our services?

  • Geospatial data made easy. You don’t have to become an expert on geospatial data, install and manage geospatial databases, or delve into minute details of complex geospatial processing. We handle this for you! You can simply focus on what you want to build, and use the data you need through one of the APIs that suit you. It doesn’t really matter if you are developing a mobile, web, or desktop application; we have something for everyone.
  • Scalable and fast. The data engine powering is based on highly scalable and fast cloud technologies, fully integrating geospatial stores for vector, raster, and tubular data. Actually, it has been designed to serve very complex scientific Big Data workloads, far surpassing your needs.
  • APIs for all. Just decide what you want to build, what technologies you are familiar with, and then pick the API that suits you! Also, it doesn’t really matter how complex or advanced your needs are. If you want to simply embed a map, it’s just a few line of code in JavaScript. Have a Web GIS and want to query our data? Then simply use the Web Feature Services (WFS) we provide. Something more complex than that? Use our JavaScript Data API or our Web Processing Services (WPS) and gain access to sophisticated analysis capabilities.

So, what web services and APIs you can use?